Call for the long march 2023 for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan

More than 23 years have passed since Abullah Öcalan was kidnapped, abducted and imprisoned on February 15, 1999, as part of a secret service operation that violated international law. Almost completely cut off from the outside world, he has been in solitary confinement on the Turkish prison island of Imralı ever since. Since 2011, the Turkish state has continuously violated his basic rights as a prisoner, denying his lawyers any visit or contact with their client, and since 2015, political delegations and his family have also been denied access to the one-person Imralı prison. The conditions of solitary confinement imposed on Abdullah Öcalan are unique in the world and are contrary to all international conventions on the protection of prisoners‘ rights.

Regardless of the undeniable key position Abdullah Öcalan holds for a solution of the Kurdish question, the isolation and attrition system of Imralı continues to be maintained, thus deliberately torpedoing a solution of the Kurdish question and the conflict in the Middle East. The state of health and the conditions of Abdullah Öcalan’s imprisonment have a direct influence on the course of the war, and a tightening of the conditions of imprisonment can lead to a direct escalation of the armed conflict. A relaxation of the prison conditions or a complete release of Abdullah Öcalan would have a positive and stabilizing influence on the region and would be a decisive contribution to a peaceful settlement of the existing conflicts.

Despite the indescribable conditions of his solitary confinement, he has never given up hope for a peaceful resolution of the conflicts in the Middle East. For several years, Öcalan negotiated with the Turkish government to reach a democratic solution to the Kurdish question. In 2005 and 2006, some 3.5 million Kurds signed a petition, stating that they considered Abdullah Öcalan their political representative. In 2015, again, some 10.3 million signatories petitioned for his freedom.

The conditions of his solitary confinement lack any legal basis and the fact that no information about his health is leaking out is a cause of concern for millions of people. Therefore, from 6th February to 11th February, we want to take to the streets together for the complete freedom of Abdullah Öcalan.

For an end to war, isolation and political persecution – for peace, freedom and democracy!

Come to the Long March 2023!

Brief info:

  • Gathering on February 4th in Geneva
  • International Conference and Joint Exchange.
  • Long march from February 6th to 11th , 2023.
  • Large demonstration in Strasbourg on February 11th
  • Athletic shoes and warm clothing are appropriate for the march. Sleeping bags should be brought along.

Those interested can contact us at

Covid 19 pandemic appropriate measures will be observed throughout the march.

We look forward to your participation in the march. As soon as we receive your registration, we will send you detailed information.

Best regards,

The Preparatory Committee